Acsencion provides CMOs, planners and buyers the world’s best multi-channel online ad engagements.

Our market-leading ad technology yields campaign and audience insights that you won’t find anywhere else and is the power behind our ability to cross inform performance learnings across display, video, mobile and social channels.

The beauty and the brains
In 2010 a group of media buyers, planners and ad ops geniuses from the world’s most respected digital properties came together to answer one question: in a world commoditized and “dumb” impressions, how should a company provide effective, smarter, winning online marketing while giving consumers a unique and relevant online experience?

The answer is Acsencion. First, we get a plan to reach a certain audience and a certain goal, whether it’s branding, or direct response and we build a plan to precisely reach that audience–often containing in-house produced creatives across channels such as digital, social, mobile and video that stand out in a sea of digital noise.

While running the campaign, our performance audience algorithms and adaptive learning platform enables our campaigns to run an impression, click or conversion in one channel and use that data to inform and predict performance in other channels – all in wide scale.

Then, our market-leading and technology yields campaign and audience insights that you won’t find anywhere else–insights that say who saw your ad and how they interacted.

This is the secret behind our winning impressions that are smarter, more targeted and with greater holistic value and performance that we call “digital that rises above.”

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